Sunday, August 26, 2012

T.A.A. Update (Miss you all, but this had to happen, again...)

Sorry for yet another long hiatus, I wish this wasn't the norm , but life's been a less than stable (forget fun...) master lately. 

I'm still in talks with Swinebert and others I hoped would help pick up the slack in my absence, as they too were hit with unforeseen chaos in their lives, so hopefully I can update you soon. 

In the meantime, I had something important to share. I entered the "11TH FREE 'DEAR LUCKY AGENT' CONTEST (MIDDLE GRADE FICTION)" I don't normally enter contests because I find them too constricting. But after my experience at WriteOnCon 2012, I feel I have as a good a chance as anyone, but please wish me luck anyway.

While I'm still on indefinite hiatus from regular blog posts, as per the rules of the contest linked above (Tomrrow's the LAST DAY for entires if interested), I've got to let two social networks know about it.